Our favourite restaurants

  • Walfischhaus in the little harbour in Born – very tasty dishes and a delightful waterfront setting
  • Schimmel’s Restaurant, Parkstrasse 1, Wustrow serves truly mouth-watering cuisine! Make sure to book beforehand! Tel: +49 (0)38220 66500
  • Kochwerk, Wiesenstraße 1, Zingst, sehr lecker!
  • Savour a glass of wine and a plate of tempting appetisers, or a cup of coffee and a slice of cake – Schimmel’s Rosine sells cheese and sausage specialities, as well as charming decorative items, and offers the perfect stop for discerning connoisseurs! (Wustrow, Strandstrasse 31)
  • For those who like it even more luxurious, the Ostsee Lounge in Hotel Fischländer in Dierhagen boasts one Michelin star,  as well as a breathtaking view of the Baltic Sea from its terrace on the fifth floor. Be sure to reserve a table well in advance!

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