The view of the ‘Bodden’ lagoon

View to the ‘Bodden' lagoon

View to the ‘Bodden’ lagoon

From our Büdnerhaus farmhouse you can savour idyllic, unobstructed views of the Baltic-Sea lagoon, known locally as a ‘Bodden’. The house is south-facing, i.e. towards the sun. We were fascinated by this blissful, tranquil yet central location in our favourite village of Born from the moment we first laid eyes on it. There is a forest to the left of the house and the Bodden with its reed beds lies straight ahead. Now and then roe deer wander past and you can often hear the sound of cranes trumpeting. But otherwise, peace reigns supreme! The starry night sky is truly stunning. We particularly like Born since, in our opinion, it is the most unspoilt, authentic village in the Fischland-Darss region and offers the perfect location for a wonderfully relaxing holiday.

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