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Outdoor activities, sports, sea

Trips across the bay on a local ‘Zees­boot’ sai­ling ship can be boo­ked at the har­bour in Born. Get yours­elf roped up and have fun in the adven­ture clim­bing forest… Read More

Our favourite cafés and tearooms

Café Ton­art, Chaus­see­stras­se, Born – wit­hin wal­king distan­ce and with real­ly scrump­tious cakes (to eat in the café and to take away) Tee­scha­le tearoom in Pre­row – count­less dif­fe­rent teas… Read More

Our favourite restaurants

Wal­fisch­haus in the litt­le har­bour in Born – very tas­ty, orga­nic dis­hes and a delight­ful water­front set­ting Hafen­bis­tro in Born – tas­ty snacks, excel­lent fish and a simp­le, rustic atmo­s­phe­re… Read More

The view of the ‘Bodden’ lagoon

From our Büd­ner­haus farm­house you can savour idyl­lic, unobst­ruc­ted views of the Bal­­tic-Sea lagoon, known local­ly as a ‘Bod­den’. The house is south-facing, i.e. towards the sun. We were fasci­na­ted… Read More

Exhibitions, sights and attractions

Explo­re the inte­res­ting histo­ry of Darss in the muse­um in Pre­row, Wald­stras­se 48. Art muse­um in Ahrens­hoop, Weg zum Hohen Ufer 36 The small but exqui­si­te art gal­le­ry in Born,… Read More


Ede­ka in Born (Land­stras­se) – a super­mar­ket with ever­ything for your ever­y­day requi­re­ments Alte Bäcke­rei, Im Moor 7 – Buy rolls, bread and cake – or take a seat and… Read More

Should you happen to hear peals of laughter…

… then you can be pret­ty sure that the renow­ned come­dy “Die Hei­den von Kum­me­row” (The Hea­thens of Kum­me­row) is being per­for­med on the open-air sta­ge in Born. And we… Read More