Travel info

The Büd­ner­haus’ adress:

In de Drift 18
18375 Born auf dem Darß

How to get here by car:
Com­ing from the Bäder­stra­ße L 21 turn left towards Born, then 2. right (after the bus stop) fol­lo­wing the Chaus­see­stra­ße and then after the „Forst­haus” turn left into In de Drift. Fol­low the pri­va­te road until the end, wo then you will be stiring direc­t­ly to our house.

By train:
Lea­ve the train in Stral­sund, Barth, Ros­tock or Rib­nitz-Dam­gar­ten. From Barth and Rib­nitz Dam­gar­ten-West take the bus 210 to Born Mit­te. From the bus stop it will take 5 minu­tes walk: right into the Chauss­e­stra­ße, then next left into In de Drift.

By bus:
The­re is a bus line from Ber­lin Alex­an­der­platz direc­t­ly to Born Mit­te. From the­re you will reach our house wit­hin a 5 minu­tes walk.

By pla­ne:
The­re are various con­nec­tions vom Stutt­gart, Munic and Köln/Bonn to Ros­tock-Laa­ge. Find details and boo­king oppor­tu­nities here:
A trans­fer shut­tle will bring you to the Darß.
Gene­ral Avia­ti­on / pri­va­te air­craft:
Land on the Barth air­field. Details: