The view of the ‘Bodden’ lagoon

View to the ‘Bodden' lagoon

View to the ‘Bodden’ lagoon

From our Büd­ner­haus farm­house you can savour idyl­lic, unobstruc­ted views of the Bal­tic-Sea lagoon, known locally as a ‘Bodden’. The house is south-fac­ing, i.e. towards the sun. We were fasci­na­ted by this bliss­ful, tran­quil yet cen­tral loca­tion in our favou­rite vil­lage of Born from the moment we first laid eyes on it. There is a forest to the left of the house and the Bodden with its reed beds lies strai­ght ahead. Now and then roe deer wan­der past and you can often hear the sound of cra­nes trum­pe­ting. But other­wise, peace reigns supreme! The starry night sky is truly stun­ning. We par­ti­cu­larly like Born since, in our opi­nion, it is the most unspoilt, authentic vil­lage in the Fisch­land-Darss region and offers the per­fect loca­tion for a won­der­fully rela­xing holi­day.

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